How to choose the right hockey stick: Pro Hockey Life

This video finds Wes of Pro Hockey Life at the stick wall with tips on how to best choose your weapon of choice.

There is more to choosing the right stick than just picking the pattern or curve. At Pro Hockey Life our stick specialists focus on 4 key areas, Flex, Kick Point, Lye and Pattern.

A stick that is too stiff or too soft in the flex will not allow the player to benefit from the technology in the shaft. The player should be able to flex the stick allowing the shaft to compliment the energy they load into it.

Choosing the proper kick point or where the shaft flexes is determined by the players shooting style, a stick with a high kick point will allow the stick to load more energy providing a harder shot while a stick with a lower kick point will load and unload energy much quicker providing the player with a faster release and more accuracy.

The proper lye will place the centre of the players blade on the ice providing both better puck handling and shot accuracy, the proper lye is determined by the players style, stick length and position Lastly choosing the proper curve will depict puck control and shooting accuracy as well.

Other aspects to pay attention to are shaft shape, shaft texture and stick length which are all determined by the players personal preferences. At Pro Hockey Life all of our stick can be tested in our Rapid Shot Shooting Zone ensuring you are leaving with the stick best suited for you.

  • Nike Bauer
  • CCM
  • Easton
  • Reebok
  • Sher-Wood
  • Warrior