Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Skates Review

Posted on by Adam Ravenhill

Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Skates Review


"When You're Quick, Everything Else Seems Slow" is the new identity of the Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Skate line, giving the player the maximum performance designed for the modern hockey player.


The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skate comes equipped with Bauer’s DYNAFLEX System, Bauer’s highest performance system found only in the Elite model of skate. The over arching name of DYNAFLEX encompasses an abundance of premium technologies that can be found in the Vapor 2X Pro Skate which includes; A CURV Composite Boot, offering elite level support and energy transfer, an Asymmetrical Toe Cap, used to enhance the push-off on each and every stride you take, an Integrated Injected Facing, ensuring maximum energy transfer through the boot to the ice, and a Recoil Pro Tongue.


The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skate comes equipped with Bauer’s 3-D CURV Composite Boot, giving the player maximum support and energy transfer through the boot and down to the ice. The added stiffness of the CURV composite ensures no energy is lost when taking your stride, as the boot maintains its natural shape, driving all energy down through the ice. Heat Moldability with the 3-D CURV Composite Boot ensures a tight, comfortable fit optimizing performance and comfort.


A part of Bauer’s DYNAFLEX System, the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skate comes equipped with a Recoil Pro Tongue. What differs this tongue from tradition felt tongues, is, that the Recoil Tongue of the Vapor 2X Pro comes equipped with a special insert that creates a flexible surface with recoil performance. This allows the player to have greater control over their stride as well as optimizes energy transfer and performance. The Recoil Pro Tongue also comes fitted with a Dual Injected Metatarsal Guard to combat against lace bite and gives added protection in key areas.


The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skates come equipped with Bauer’s TUUK LS5 Carbon Coated Steel Runners which are found in the popular TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holders. The carbon coating on the Vapor 2X Pro’s steel gives the runner a much greater ability to resist corrosion and actually makes the steel stronger and less likely to break over time. The carbon coating also allows the runners to hold a sharpening for a longer period of time, which optimizes performance and balance on the ice. The LS5 Carbon runners also sit higher than the standard model of runner giving the skate a more aggressive stance and turning radius, maximizing performance.


The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skates come equipped with Bauer’s AERO Foam Pro Foams and Liners on the inside of the skate. The benefits of the AERO Foams in the Vapor 2X Pro are it’s thickness and thermoformability. The increased thickness of the foam from previous and tradition foams inside of skates gives the AERO Foam Pro maximum comfort, while retaining extraordinary thermoformability properties that ensure both a comfortable and tight fitting skate, maximizing the players performance and energy output.