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All new for 2011 the 9500 Vision goal pad is designed for the goaltender that prefers a pad with a more ridged knee and thigh rise and typically uses a blocking style butterfly save selection. The 9500 pad design features a complete solid firmer flat front blocking surface with a single horizontal flex seam at the ankle area. The pad interior is constructed with our Flex-lam padding system that consists of several layers of varying foam densities that are hand lasted together to give the pad consistent shape and feel with excellent durability. The outside roll features a beveled profile for light weight and puck deflection and solid construction from the bottom ankle break to the top of the thigh rise. Large thigh rise areas feature a square shape that functions to seal the five hole area. The solid firm internal construction helps prevent pucks from slipping through the five hole. Narrow outside panel has a pre-curved design to shape the pad to the natural bend at the knee and ankle areas of the leg, this places the goaltender in a more ergonomically correct position for more power and speed. The leg cradle features a tapered shape that gets progressively wider from the ankle to the top of the pad to provide the goaltender with control and comfort. This also gives the pad quick rotation speed when moving to the ice so the pad squares up and seals to the ice. Wide knee cradle has Velcro and lace adjustment that allows the knee cradle to be moved vertically and horizontally for a perfect custom fit.

? Large thigh rise with square top corners to maximize blocking surface.
? Pre curved shape allows for easy break-in.
? Solid flat face construction.
? Adjustable knee cradle.
? Adjustable thigh guard with molded insert for protection.
? Solid outside roll with wedged profile shape.
? Adjustable knee lifter.
? Flex-lam construction for light weight.

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