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CCM 70K Hockey Skates

Come in to a Pro Hockey life location for expert knowledge in the differences between Hockey Skate Sharpenings, Hockey Skate Profiling and Hockey Skate Repair. Our Pro Shop Technicians are specially trained to maximize the performance of your Hockey Skates.


Skate Sharpening

$ 9.99

Includes all regular sharpenings including 1/2" and 5/8" as well as Flat Bottom V Sharpenings

Skate Profiling

$ 34.99

Customized profile fit for your style of game, weight, and age. Pricing includes Profiling and Sharpening.

Sharpening Card

$ 74.99

Pre-paid sharpening card that includes 10 sharpenings.  

Skate Sharpening Hollow Options

The depth or "Hollow" of your skate's sharpening refers to how deep the radius of the sharpening cuts into your skate blade. The more shallow the sharpening is, such as a 1" or 3/4", the more glide the blade will have as it is not very sharp. This usually can be found on Goalie Skates. The deeper the sharpening, such as a 1/2" or 3/8", the more bite the blade has, giving the skate an explosive feel. 


Maximize your Hockey Skate's Performance with a custom Skate Profile by one of our specialized Pro Shop and Skate Sharpening Technicians. Profiling will optimize your power, turns, and agility giving you a much better performing skate and improving your game.

Skate Sharpening Hollow Options

A new skate comes with a stock 9" or 10" radius on the blade. This makes the blade very flat and the pivot point the entire middle portion of the blade. The same part of the blade is used for both tight and wide turns. Profiling the blade gives the player a much more aggressive stance, shifting the pivot point to the front of the skate. Each portion of the blade is used for a specific stride and turn, whether tight or wide. 


The Pro Hockey Life Skate Sharpening Card never expires and includes 10 Sharpenings by our specially trained Pro Shop and Skate Sharpening Technicians. Click below to purchase your Skate Sharpening Pass or visit one of our 16 locations across Canada.


Pro Hockey Life Pro Shop Services


At Pro Hockey Life, our Pro Shop Technicians are experts when it comes to Hockey Skate Sharpening and Hockey Equipment Repair. Each Pro Shop Technician is specially trained to sharpen your skates exactly the way you want them as well as Hockey Skate Holder, Runner, Rivet and Eyelit repairs. Our experts can also educate you more on the different types of Hockey Skate Profiling that will give you the extra edge and performance you want out of your skates. Visit one of our Pro Hockey Life locations today.


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