Sher-Wood Hcokey

From the classic Feather-Lite to the modern Rekker, Sher-Wood hockey has been a staple in the hockey equipment world for generations. Thousands of elite level players continue to trust Sher-Wood equipment and sticks to take their game to the next level.


Sher-Wood Rekker 365 Hockey Stick


The new Sher-Wood Rekker 365 is the successful result of many years of development to provide a level of performance never seen before. Blackline Carbon Fiber uses an 18k weave and Sher-Wood’s proprietary manufacturing process to create their most responsive, lightest, and reliable carbon fiber ever. The taper of the stick has been lowered by 10” to allow for more efficient loading and a quicker release. Sher-Wood has infused graphene, a nano-material 200 times stronger than steel, in the key breakage areas of the stick to make it more durable and incredibly lightweight.

Sher-Wood Hockey has been manufacturing some of the most popular hockey equipment and sticks for generations. Shop Pro Hockey Life for a large selection of Sher-Wood  Sticks , Goal Sticks , and Hockey Gloves to help you reach your maximum potential.