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"Pinpoint Power" is the new identity of the Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Stick line, giving the player the optimal quickness and power needed for the modern hockey player.


Featuring Warrior’s exclusive SABRE TAPER Technology, the new Alpha DX Hockey Stick maximizes the precision and power of your shot. SABRE TAPER Technology combines both a Low-Kick Response with a stable, more powerful release. This allows the player to load their shot quicker with a higher output of velocity and accuracy. SABRE Taper Technology is found through the new Alpha DX Lineup on Hockey Sticks.

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Featuring Warrior’s FUELCORE BLADE Technology, the new Alpha DX Hockey Stick gives each player optimal puck control and feel whether they dish out passes and are more of a playmaker, or a sniper looking to go top shelf. With a lightweight design and construction, the FUELCORE Blade creates optimal puck feel while giving your some added “pop”. The blade construction also maximizes longevity and durability giving the Alpha DX a longer lifespan.

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With the use of Warrior’s SABRE TAPER Technology, the new Alpha DX Hockey Stick offers key areas of added stability and flex giving the player optimal control when stick handling and shooting. The Aplha DX Hockey Stick comes equipped with a torsionally stiff extended Mid-Low Flex Arch, maximizing the player’s release and maximizing shot accuracy. This also improves blade stability and rigidity, optimizing puck control and feel.

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Adding on to some of the key technologies featured above, the new Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Stick also comes equipped Warrior’s MINIMUS CARBON 1400 Technology. With a high strength lightweight weave carbon design, the Minimum Carbon 1400 gives the Alpha DX more flex maximizing shot power and response. Warrior’s TRUE 1 PHANTOM FEEL Construction gives the Alpha DX added balance which allows the player to feel more comfortable and capable with the stick in their hands.