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The Bauer Supreme S190 Goal Skate is the first goal skate without a cowling available at retail. Bauer has completely revolutionized the goalie skate with their all new design and many innovative technologies. The skate was designed to give goalies an increased attack angle from the butterfly position and allows them to get as deep as possible when in their ready stance. With no cowling goalies can have their skates lean in towards the ice more without any slippage.

The Thermoplastic Polyurethane outsole on the skate not only reduces weight but increases stiffness for better energy transfer and maximum agility. The all new Supreme goal skates feature a goalie specific toe cap that provides increased protection through added thickness and stiffness. A shorter cut on the lateral side relieves pressure and allows a deeper stance, while the taller cut on the medial side maintains protection and support. The tongue also features an asymmetric shape to increase comfort while the goalie is in their stance. The asymmetric design on the new Bauer Supreme S190 Skates specifically enhances the goalie?s ability to move around the crease.

Bauer?s HYDRA MAX 2 liner is a liner that helps wick away excess moisture while providing comfort for your foot (this liner is in many high end skates such as the Bauer Reactor 9000 goal Skate released last year).

The revolutionary VERTEXX EDGE holder is designed and developed to provide a greater attack angle by increasing overall skate height by 5mm and reducing traditional cowling material. The benefit to the goalie is a 10% better attack angle than Bauer?s original VERTEXX cowling for quicker and harder pushes while using less energy. The VERTEXX EDGE holder also features an innovative trigger system that allows goalies to change steel within seconds. The Bauer Supreme S190 Skate also features elite grade LS 2G steel that maximizes energy transfer and has a superior surface finish for a cleaner and stronger sharpening edge. The Supreme S190 Skate offers a 38% better angle than traditional cowlings and 10% more over the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Goal Skate.

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