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Brian's specializes in hand made goalie equipment direct from Canada.


The Sub-Zero 7.0 Goalie Catcher is a true one piece constructed glove. This gives a stiffer blocking surface perfect for butterfly goalies because pucks will not travel through the glove. The thumb mold is lighter and more concave to direct pucks into the glove and reduce rebounds and pucks falling out.

The Sub-Zero 7.0 glove features a single anchor T web pocket which gives the glove a lightweight pocket that doesn’t allow pucks to escape. All Brian’s stock gloves come with game ready breaks so they can be used right after purchase.

The internal palm of the glove features finger gussets lined with Brian’s X-Static technology. The X-Static material is woven with silver fiber that kills 99% of bacteria helping prevent deterioration of the glove and increases durability. The wide cuff opening allows greater wrist movement of the goalie to make more saves that can be challenging with traditional one piece catchers.

The glove can be customized with hundreds of options with a Brian’s Custom Color Kit. The color kit includes laser etched leather pieces that have been pre-cut to the shapes on the glove. Simply peel back the adhesive and place the colors onto the glove for a unique look.

Orders shipped within 2-3 business days. See Shipping Policy and Return Policy for details.