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New lightweight protective gear to keep you at the top of your game. Jetspeed is synonymous with mobility. You can ensure your inner speed freak will move swiftly on the ice, while being Protected

Key Features:

Amplified Mobility Design: These new tapered designs have been optimized to provide the ultimate range of movement while featuring specs and technology to help keep you safe from impacts. Move at your top speed without being weighed down.

Mobility: New lightweight amplified mobility designs offer a tapered fit to follow your Jetspeed fast moves without weighing you down.

Comfort: Instant comfort right off the shelf to give you that already broken-in feeling players love.

Styling: Updated new styling you will be proud to show off in the locker room and be confident will protect you when they try to chase you.

Other Features:

Construction - Hybrid Three Piece Design: For added mobility and comfort, new design with floating bicep pad lets the competitive player move naturally, in a lighter, yet robust construction.

Forearm - Molded PE Cap Insert: High level of protection.

Elbow Cap - Molded PE Cap With JDP Construction + Exposed EVA Foam Cover: JDP elbow cap designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint while PE provides great fit and comfort.

Bicep - Floating Bicep Pad + PE Insert: High caliber coverage around bicep area.

Attachment - Three Strap System with Nylon + Elastic: Comfortable and fully customizable fit.

Orders shipped within 4-6 business days. See Shipping Policy and Return Policy for details.