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«The Biotechnological Solution» to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Profresh Green is a biological and readily biodegradable product containing micro-organisms, which have been specially selected to eliminate unpleasant Odors. These microorganisms accelerate the decomposition of organic matter thereby preventing the production of malodorous gases.

Profresh Green is easy to use. No mixing required. Simply spray directly on hockey equipment with a spray bottle.

Profresh Green is used and recommended to eliminate foul odors on all sports equipment.

Profresh Green is Certified Environmental Choice- EcoLogo . EcoLogo allows to guide consumers on the careful selection of environmentally friendly products . The advantage of having the UL certificate / EcoLogo is to allow the user to realize that the product purchased is ecological and not harmful to the environment, even if sometimes it is to give us a good conscience .

Profresh Green is Biologically Certified  Accreditation . Unique to Pro Fresh Green , where all products are subjected to biological analysis by different independent laboratories specialized . This allows ensuring the bacterial count and / or enzyme of all our products . This unique program allows , among other things , establishing a sense of trust with clients that can question the veracity of the contained .

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