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Step Steel is made in Canada by Step Skating Blades in Quebec City; a company with 50 years of blade manufacturing experience. Step uses the highest quality Swedish stainless steel making it a top choice for use in the NHL and other professional hockey leagues.

Step Steel is considered the highest quality hockey runner because:
• The side walls have the highest quality finish possible which provides the best sharpening edge available
• The blade is 10% taller which gives a sharper turning radius along with extended blade life
• The step blade is 100% straight which is very important when sharpening to provide a quality edge front to back, especially with flat bottom sharpening
• Step Steel provides the extra turning and glide that professional hockey players demand
• Step manufactures all brands and size, including goalie replacement runners for Reebok and Bauer

Step Steel STPRO Z replacement runners will fit CCM SpeedBlade+ 4.0 holders. Runners are sized by 3 numbers that can be found on the plastic holder (the numbers are typically located towards the rear of the holder).

Orders shipped within 2-3 business days. See Shipping Policy and Return Policy for details.