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For more than 100 years, True Hockey has continuously enhanced the game of hockey by manufacturing cutting edge equipment and accessories with transformational technologies.


A6.0 SBP The True A6.0 SBP stick is the top model in the A-Series line from True. Braided Rib Technology (BRT) offers the strongest, most consistent core structure ever created while maintaining explosive pop. The seamless braided tubes eliminate inconsistencies, extend blade life and increase strength by 50% more than the ABII Blade. This stick also has Active Bond 2 blade technology that attaches the front and back blade faces with two support bridges. This unique design prevents the internal foam from deteriorating for long-lasting pop and accuracy. With up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, TRUE engineers have perfected the laminate design to optimize performance, minimize weight and maximize impact strength.

The player’s benefits are extreme impact strength and consistency in their shot. The ultra-consistent wall thickness of TRUE’s one-piece construction optimizes stick weight. The A4.5 SBP offers extreme durability and unmatched balance, resulting in optimized performance and feel. The top of the shaft is softer for easy energy loading, the middle is optimized for energy transfer and the bottom is designed for no energy loss to ensure the puck explodes off the blade. The result is overall improved player performance and maximum power for all shot types.

The shaft construction of this stick features SmartFlex technology which provides players with a variable kick point. The True A6.0 SBP stick gets progressively stiffer from the top to the bottom of the shaft. The stiffer lower portion allows players to load the stick quicker to get the puck off fast and the softer higher portion can be aggressively loaded for heavy slap shots.

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