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For more than 100 years, True Hockey has continuously enhanced the game of hockey by manufacturing cutting edge equipment and accessories with transformational technologies.


Featuring our redesigned flex zone, the all-new AX9 goalie stick is optimized for enhanced power and balance for faster load times and quicker passes. This, combined with the all-new Fibershield technology for increased durability in the shaft, makes the AX9 the elite goalie stick. Available in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes in both black or white.

FiberShield: FiberShield Technology disperses low-density nanoparticles throughout the shaft, paddle, and blade for improved balance and increased durability in the shaft.

Redesigned Flex Zone: The redesigned flex zone within the ASERIES ‘20 paddle is optimized for enhanced power and balance, providing faster load times and quicker passes.

Improved Weight & Balance: By redistributing materials within the shaft, paddle, and blade, the balance point has shifted 3 inches closer to the goaltender’s hand position, decreasing weight by 5% while improving overall shaft durability.

Enhanced Paddle Durability: Designed with BRT+ technology distributed throughout the paddle, blade, and heel, the all-new AX9 provides improved balance while improving durability.

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