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One-Piece Monoframe Boot

Equipped with an optimized one piece boot construction, the Super Tacks AS3 Pro Skates are engineered to maximize your comfort and give you explosive feet. The one-piece boot is all about pure performance, giving players maximum energy transfer and an optimal closer fit to your feet providing elite level comfort and lock.

CCM Axis Goalie

XS Tongue Technology

This groundbreaking technology takes comfort and protection to a whole new level. CCM has made it easy to swap out your skate tongue for a model that delivers a fit your foot will thank you for. Stock options include a replaceable 7mm tonque with an asymmetrical flex point for a better wrap and advanced lace-bite protection.

CCM Axis Goalie

SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runners

Treated with an oxide coating for a longer lasting edge, The SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runners are stronger, more durable and 12% taller than standard blades giving the player a much more aggressive turning radius and performance. The XS1 Black Runners are housed in the SpeedBlade XS Holder, giving the player a quick release system to swap out runners on the fly.

CCM Axis Goalie

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goal Skates

Constructed with a One-Piece Boot, the Super Tacks AS3 Goal Skates are designed to offer maximum energy transfer to get you in position quicker. The ADPT Memory Foam Tonque moulds and adapts to your foot shape, giving the goalie optimal comfort and control. An Asymmetric Flex Stance Contour provides maximum flex in key areas that allow for a quicker more explosive reaction to the butterfly and recovery.