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Easton Hockey

Easton is one of the most popular stick and equipment choices of players ranging from the beginner level, all the way up to the most elite of players. Easton's Synergy line of sticks has been some of the most beloved sticks for a generation. 


Easton Synergy GX Hockey Stick


What gives Easton's  Synergy tremendous velocity is the EXO-RIM blade and Easton's ShotBoost Technologies. EXO-RIM stiffens the blade making it more rigid, the added snap off the blade. The ShotBoost Technology can be found inside of the shaft, specifically on each of the four corners. Tubes of carbon fibre are inserted along the four corners giving the shaft a superior amount of strength while also improving the sticks overall durability. This newest addition to the Synergy family is sure to turn the opposing goalie's head.

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Easton Hockey is a prominent hockey stick and equipment manufacturer with numerous elite and professional players trusting in their products . Shop Pro Hockey Life for a large selection of Easton  Sticks , Gloves , and Shoulder Pads  to help you reach your maximum potential.