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Featherlite XT Technology

The CODE V is an elite-level stick that is the culmination of years of design and engineering. Created for the ultimate playmaker, the CODE V is best described as a lightweight and balanced stick that provides a combination of speed and power behind every shot. Featuring a 25K weave throughout the stick and weighing in at 390 grams, the new Feather Lite XT technology removes weight without compromising the strength or durability.

The Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Ball

Target Lock Taper

In terms of playability and feel, the CODE V stick provides more shot power through its unique Target Lock Taper. It features a hybrid kickpoint that is extremely versatile and caters to all shooting styles while the newly designed E2-17 shaft geometry which gently locks the hands into position for amazing feel and control.

The Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Ball

Graphene Infused Materials

Infused with Graphene - a material that is 200x stronger than steel, this promises to be one the most durable sticks on the market. This allows the stick to maintain its performance and strength over a longer period of time to ensure you have maximum output of power and speed.