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Since 1967, Lefevre has been delivering products inspired by function and crafted by form for goalies performing at all levels of the game. Our TRUE goalie equipment, crafted by Lefevre, continues to challenge the status quo of gear design with our innovative practices, customized experiences & dedication to the game.

True L12.2 Goalie Equipment Series

The L12.2 pads were designed to be connected to the leg while allowing the ankle to move more freely. Patent-pending Fast Rotation System (FRS) located at the calf makes them incredibly responsive and offers the stability needed to drop on the ice. The top of the pad is made of high-density foam, which allows for better ice coverage. The new boot channel offers optimal skate mobility when going up and down. Optimal boot flexibility offers better support in the post, in reverse-VH position. New, flatter, Knee Roll design provides better rebound control in position.

CCM Axis Goalie

True L20.1 Goalie Equipment Series

The L20.1 pads are strategically designed to fit closer to the leg and higher on the skate for optimal ankle movement. FRS (fast rotation system) at the calf makes these pads responsive, allowing for quick and easy transitions when needing to drop into the butterfly position. Featuring a stiffer, lighter, and thinner design, the L20.1 features new high-density foam for faster transitions. Allowing skates to sit freely beneath a flat boot, the redesigned foot angle allows for faster transitions when shifting into the butterfly. With a 90-degree angle at the foot, the L20.1 pads provide goaltenders with superior flexibility. Our lightweight and precise adjustability system features external 2” nylon straps.

True L87 Goalie Equipment Series

The L87 is designed for the goaltender looking for custom performance in a traditional, sleek design. This set pays homage to the first Lefevre pads designed in 1987 featuring their innovative technologies and traditional logo design. With double-density foam-core at the shins, the L87’s eliminate extreme rebounds, while allowing quicker transitions.Made of high-density foam, our high-performing pads deliver superior ice coverage and optimal protection. Offering greater flexibility at the knee and a 90-angle at the foot. Our boot panel is lightly anchored for increased flexibility and control.