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PadSkinz are sheets of very thin synthetic leather with a special adhesive backing that look practically identical to jenpro (goal pad / glove material), to be used on your leg pads, blocker or glove to change the colour of accents, stripes or areas of your goal equipment where you want the colour changed.

PadSkinz are customizable! You’re not limited to stripes or accents. Have an idea for a design? Create it with PadSkinz! Order different colours and create your own unique design. PadSkinz even work on player gloves!

PadSkinz are great for repairs too!m
Have a hole on the inside of your boot from so many butterfly slides?
Got a skate cut on your blocker or glove?
Fix them with PadSkinz!
Simply cut and place PadSkinz over the cut or hole and no one will be able to tell.

The PadSkinz adhesive is 100% SAFE for your goal pads and will not cause any damage at all.

Orders shipped within 4-6 business days. See Shipping Policy and Return Policy for details.