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Bauer Hyperlite 2 Goalie Gear Review

Posted on by PHL Customer Service

Bauer Hyperlite 2 Goalie Gear Review

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Goalie Pads

Go from post-to-post faster than ever in the HYPERLITE 2 Pads. Our lightest pads ever help you control rebounds and stay confident in the crease with increased stability and adjustability.

Key Features:

Hybrid Calf System, Stabili-Grip Knee Landing & Tune Fit Strap System (New Lower Calf)

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Goalie Catcher

CCM Axis Goalie

Make glove saves faster and easier with the HYPERLITE 2 Catcher. An all-new grip liner and finger stalls, lighter materials, and a more customizable fit help make glove saves quick and comfortable all season long.

Key Features:

Catchgrip+ Fingers, Overlap Pinky Finger Stall & DCT (Defense Cloud Tech)

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Goalie Blocker

Face every shooter directly with the HYPERLITE 2 Blocker. With an all-new ergonomic design and lightweight materials, our signature rebound pop has never been lighter or more comfortable.

Key Features:

Ergo Backhand, CURV Composite Blocker Board & Optimized Hand Position